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ScienceNet is a BBS message network for all science enthusiasts. We welcome
applications, please see details within this document.
ScienceNet is an unmoderated network.
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Message subs:
    ScienceNet Announcements
    General banter
    Biology: life, nature, prehistory, etc.
    Chemistry, pharmaceuticals, drugs, etc.
    Computing: networks, *ware, etc.
    Fiction: SciFi film, media, etc.
    Language, linguistics
    Mathematics and Physics
    Space: astronomy, astrophysics, etc.
    Technology: engineering, machines, etc.
Current nodes:
  Battlestar (http://battlestarbbs.dyndns.org).
  Fatcats (fatcatsbbs.com), hub.
  LingNet (telnet://lingnet.ca).
- Real names or aliases are allowed.
- Flame wars and trolling will not be tolerated. Please keep it civil.